2Billion A Month Strong - - Advertise on Facebook or leave $$ on the TABLE!

Los Angeles, CA., July 26, 2017 /arkad.digital/ -
 Facebook is a phenomenon - a business freak of nature; you may have heard this quote a million times. But have you considered Facebook’s massive impact and how it affects our way of living, doing business and even political scenarios globally. Research verifies the Facebook has measurable effects on every aspect of our lives and is the number one social media channel on the world-wide web.

In June 2017, Facebook officially announced that they have now 2 billion active users. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, announced the milestone on the social network on that day:

Now think, what exactly does this unprecedented reach of Facebook mean for your marketing strategy? It means only one thing that "if you are not advertising on Facebook, your business is leaving money on the table".  This is purely the factual truth, from big multinational company to small business, if you do not have an advertisement strategy for your business that does not include Facebook then your brand is surely going to lose a substantial market share. Customer engagement, brand awareness, and direct client feedback are just a few reasons why Facebook is an important medium for your brand advertisement.

What makes Facebook advertising unique in the world of social media marketing, with its vast analytical reach; it is affordable with very high returns of the investment for every business. You know that your potential customer is on Facebook;
through facebook you know his likes or dislikes, his interests, age, gender and other personal details which empower you to target your products directly to the specific needs of your customers. Now business can serve their ads essentially to the eligible audiences – website visitors and email subscribers because of the Facebook’s “Website Custom Audiences” and “Lookalike Audiences” option.

Facebook will absolutely influence the purchasing power of any brand, service or product. In fact, it is the number one online communication system and leads the world for data gathering on consumer purchasing decisions. People talk about their experiences with a product, directly refer or “like” the product and thus facebook becomes a social proof for products and the guide to consumer purchasing decisions making. Meanwhile, Facebook has captured data for every click of the customer’s purchasing journey.

We value the judgment and wisdom of our friends and family when it comes to making a decision to buy a product or spend hard earned money on a service. Facebook thus becomes a trusted benchmark and will give your company leverage and social proof when you expand your marketing efforts to use Facebook ads.

If you are a business owner, small or large, “do not leave money on the table”! Business marketing is rapidly evolving and your business can benefit from this marketing golden goose. By implementing a basic local Facebook ad campaign, targeting your unique customer demographic, you can not only meet your ROI but grossly exceed it while earning brand trust and building fan base.

arkad.digital understands the Facebook marketing phenomenon and our dedicated team have developed various means and methods to give small business a resounding voice in a large space.


arkad.digital is the a local web design and marketing agency for a cyber transforming world. We are passionately focused and aggressive about achieving your business highest investment goals. We build bridges, tell your stories and create real customer connections that liberate possibility.

Contact us today at liberate.possibility@arkaddigital.com to make an appointment for a free business marketing audit. Visit Us @ arkad.digital


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