Advertise on Facebook vs. the Superbowl? - 3 Reasons why you should choose Facebook

Advertise on Facebook vs. the Superbowl? - 3 Reasons why you should choose Facebook

When I first posed this question to my business colleagues, advertising on Facebook verses Super Bowl, I was quickly reminded of the question that I had only ten (10) seconds to answer years back.

“Would you take a million dollars today or a penny doubled every day for thirty one (31) days?”

The answer in five (5) seconds made perfect sense but once you have a moment to think, your answer will change.

Nothing in the commercial world is more fierce, hyper, creative and innovative than advertising. Advertisements have become an inescapable part of our lives. Every individual is touched by advertisement in one way or another. Since its inception advertisements have seen tremendous changes from the days of wooden inscriptions, newspaper, radio and television, the internet, and now the social media revolution.

But when it comes down to choosing the right advertisement space for your business ads that will get results, there is much to consider. Facebook or the Super Bowl, you should feel perplexed when deciding between the two. But I am going to explain to you why Facebook, in my opinion, is your prime advertisement platform above the Super Bowl because of three well researched and proven facts:

Affordable and Cost Efficient: - A Super Bowl ad on average costs $5 million for 30 seconds -- $166,667 every second as compared to the average cost-per-click of Facebook ad of $1.72 - a incredibly minimal CPC taking into account how effective Facebook ads can be. According to Laundry Service, with the smallest imaginable cost-per-view (1 cent) and a $3 per thousand impressions, we can have 500 million Facebook video views and 1.6 billion impressions. Easy. Right? Facebook!

And with Facebook, your advertisements are not stacked between the previous and the next commercial; actually you have the freedom of spreading your message anytime to anywhere around the world.

Reach: Digital marketers understand the quantum of the viewership of  Facebook relative to the Superbowl, 114 million as compared to the 2 billion reach of  Facebook which is an enormous figure, and why Facebook is considered the number one (#1) platform for advertisement. Facebook viewership is not limited to any particular region or country. Unlike the Super Bowl, whose viewers are limited to region where people are well-informed and passionate about the sport. Advertising is all about reach and when you are sitting on 2 billion monthly members then mum is the word.

Targeting your audience: The audience targeting of  Facebook is incredible and this is one of the main elements that determines the success of the advertisement process. This is also the first step in building a marketing plan. When determining the target audience that appeals to your business, you need to answer this question, whom does your product or service appeal to? For example, an online grocery company may be targeting single individuals or housewives. A car rental company will target general audience.

Audience targeting is very complicated with Superbowl ads. While you can decide on the area, channel, and time of your commercial, that’s really all you can control. One doesn’t have any tool or procedure to verify that the targeted audience will be there watching your commercial advertisement. But Facebook is the modern way of advertisement. Using Facebook’s ad tools you can target your audience by demographics, location, age, profession, interests, behavior, gender, relationships, and more. Facebook provides marketers the most  innovative ad tools that will give your message the reaching power across your specific audience according to their motivations and purchase behavior.

I realize that this article has taken you more than ten seconds to read but considering these facts where would you spend your $5 million dollar marketing budget; Facebook or The Super Bowl?

By the way, if you answered to take a penny doubled every day for thirty one (31) days, you will receive $10,737,418.23.  Not for compensation in pennies.

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