My New Website SUCKS! Read this before you hire your next Web Designer?

Los Angeles, CA, August 30, 2017 / - There is not an easy way to find a web designer or firm that will match perfectly for your organization, cause, or pet project without getting overwhelmed with hundreds of companies or freelancers claiming to be the best. Hiring the right web designer takes critical judgment because your web designer will forge forward the visual, layout and navigation of the site from multiple platforms or devices. So, when you are qualifying web designer that can be an asset for you or your company, there is much to consider. Here are few key elements you should keep in mind before you make a regrettable decision:

Good Listener and Communication Skills:

To build a quality website key components will need to be decided, that is why collaboration is necessary. The most important thing is communication skills. The person that will be leading your most important business investment must be able to communicate effectively. Your website will represent your company, its employees and stake holders; communication is paramount throughout the design process and into your web industry space. It is also important that your web designer is an outstanding listener and doer and can correctly understand all your requirements. Your designer will not be able to fulfill your vision if they cannot understand your ideas thus a waste of your time and energy.

Will be Able to Design from Scratch:

Aside from other core languages, it is essential that your designer has a clear knowledge of modern design styles. Of course, you desire to have unique and fresh looking website, but industry standards and accepted practices must be explored before drawing a line in the sand with your vision. When discussing technical requirements with a potential designer, think of this checklist as a good foundation. Change is not only constant, but it also happens in real time in the technology space, so the most present day HTML coding, quality CSS for cross browser compatibility, (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and latest JavaScript UI techniques are the basics. Do the research and ask the right questions to make sure your web designer have these skills and are just not putting together different templates to create your website. Your designer should be able to design a responsive website from scratch and when needed to change or add elements and pages without any difficulty. A designer should also have a working knowledge of content management systems (CMS) like Word press, Drupal, Joomla, and much more.

Familiar with Latest Design Trends: 

The designer you choose must be well informed about your industry’s latest design trends. As web designing is progressing immensely, so are the designs. New designs, layout styles, and color trends are coming up all the time. Be confident that your designer has their finger on the pulse of your web industry community.
Moreover, knowledge of new browser features such as banners, tabs and pop ups help keep visitor moving down sales funnel of your website. If your designer says that they are not familiar, it is obvious not to hire that person or firm. However, if they are familiar, be assertive and ask at least 3 latest portfolios they have designed. By looking at their work, you will have an understanding of their creativity and their designing skills.

You are on a journey with many considerations to calculate to get to your final result. When thinking about your Internet appearance for your product or service, it is urgent that you match your vision with individual or firm that meet all of your expectations to bring your vision to life. Add these three thoughts to your interview checklist on your search to finding your perfect website designer.
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